APEX Overview



    Many Tokata students use APEX to earn elective credits and recover failed credits.   


    For more than a decade, Apex Learning has been the leading provider and publisher of web-based digital curriculum. Its suite of courses serves all students, from those not prepared for grade level academic challenges to those capable of Advanced Placement* coursework.

    • Apex Learning courses are created by a team of educational experts and aligned to state and national standards.
    • Technology is used in purposeful ways to enhance the learning process.
    • Multimedia instruction motivates and engages students.
    • Individualized learning lets students move at their own pace to master the material.
    • Multiple course pathways allow educators to differentiate instruction and spend more time working with students one-on-one to address critical challenges.
    • Assessment opportunities are integrated throughout each course.

    Apex Learning partners with school districts nationwide to provide high quality education solutions. Their digital curriculum is helping our school offer all students rigorous coursework, raise achievement levels, and prepare them for college, work, and life.


    APEX courses are used for both new learning and credit recovery at the Tokata Learning Center.   Courses taken for original credit are graded like other seat-based courses (A-F). Credit Credit recovery courses are graded as Pass/Fail. To earn a passing grade students must complete all of the required coursework at a 70% standard or better.

    Whenever possible and appropriate, students are assigned PRESCRIPTIVE courses for credit recovery. Prescriptive courses allow students to test out of already learned content.  Please note, however, that not all courses in APEX have a prescriptive option.  Also note that students intending to participate in a NCAA sport after high school do not have the option of taking a PRESCRIPTIVE course as they do not meet the NCAA clearinghouse eligibility requirements.  

    Students taking an APEX course work with a licensed teacher. The teacher helps guide students through their APEX courses, which includes teaching, providing feedback on labs and activities, and unlocking quizzes and tests.   Students may also work on their courses from home.  However, students are required to meet with their teachers in person before any quizzes or tests are unlocked. 


    As a parent/coach you can sign up to receive weekly emails on Sundays that give you an overview of how your student is doing in their Apex Learning courses. Use this information to keep an eye on your student's performance and as a conversation starter if they appear to be struggling.

    Weekly Progress Email

    Here are a few pointers for understanding the Weekly Progress email.

    • StoplightIs my student falling behind in their work? This color represents the On Schedule Percent, the number of graded activities a student has completed due through today divided by the total number of activities due through today.
      • Green: 80% or more
      • Yellow: 60% to 79%
      • Red: 59% or less
    • Quality of WorkIs my student on track to pass the course? This is the points the student has earned on completed activities divided by the points possible for completed activities.
    • Grade to DateWhat is my student’s grade right now? This is the points the student has earned on activities due divided by the points possible on activities due.
    • Midterm and Final: Grades that have been entered by the teacher.
    • Last Access: The date your student has last accessed their course.
    • Detail Report: Select the Detail Report link next to the student's name for detailed information about how your student is spending their time in their course.