A Few Things to Know About Mrs Conyard’s Room 2


    Arrival         8:55-9:05       Kids will come directly to the classroom when they arrive unless they are going to the cafeteria to get breakfast. If they are tardy, they check into the office first. If they ride the bus, they come in through the gym doors and if they are dropped off by car, they come in the front doors.


    Dismissal 3:42 (first bell)     Kids that are being picked up by parents or walking home, go out the front doors. The rest will leave in bus lines that go directly to their bus. Any dismissal plans should be communicated to the office or if you send an email to me, be sure I have seen it and responded. Kids will go their “typical” way without clear communication between you and me.


    Water Bottles       Kids are encouraged to have a labeled and closed water bottle. These will remain in the classroom during the day. I will encourage them to bring them home each day to clean & refill them.


    Snack     We will have a snack time each afternoon. Please send healthy and easy to eat snacks for your child (for example, cut up an apple vs sending the whole apple). No juice or other drinks please and no candy.


    Birthdays       Your child can bring in a birthday treat to share with the class (optional). If they do, it needs to be store bought. Birthday invitations sent through the mail is preferred, but if needed, I can put these in kids “Home Folders.” Please discourage your child from handing them out themselves to avoid kids feeling left out.


    Folders   I will have your child take home a “Monday red folder” this year. This is to have items for parents to review and return it the following day when possible. I will check this folder and send it back each first day of the week. It will have the monthly calendar, weekly math homework, and other communications from the community and the school. They will also have a “Home Folder” this year to bring home papers that were worked on. This folder should come back and forth each day. Please return it empty and I do not check these folders.


    Home Reading Bag Starting on Monday, Sept. 12th, the kids will bring home a Home Reading Bag. This will have a leveled book to read. There is a reading log to fill out each night also. Please adjust as needed (read together, take turns, reread several times, choose a different book from home, etc.). The goal is for this to be “independent” for them as you listen and support as needed. However, the leveling system isn’t perfect and I appreciate your support in making it work the best for them each night. This should be returned with the book and the reading log in it each day.


    Math Homework    I will also send a math sheet each Monday (or first day of the week). This will be in their Red Folder. They are to do their best on it and return it by Friday. This should ideally be a “review” concept and independent for them, but depending on your child’s math skills, they may need support.


    Communication       Please reach out with ANY questions or concerns. Seesaw is the main form of communication. I will share student work, send announcements and we can message each other directly. Emails will come with messages from the district or office and I check emails too. The Sweeney website has helpful info, there is a 1st Grade page, and you can visit my specific classroom page from there. For example, our daily schedule is there.


    I look forward to getting to know you this year and teaching your child! Thank you in advance for partnering with me to make this the best experience possible for your child!! 


    Stacey Conyard, 952-496-5832, sconyard@shakopee.k12.mn.us