• Independent Reading
    Goal: To select, read, and complete just-right reading books.
    *Students are encouraged to read every day!  They will receive 10-30 minutes of independent reading daily at school.  At home, students should be reading at least 10 pages each day.  Our classroom goal is for students to complete books (cover to cover) that are at their reading level and of interest to them.  The amount of pages will increase during the school year.  February 2020: Students are expected to read 15+ pages each day.
    *Students track their reading on a monthly calendar.  On the calendar, students track their book titles, pages read, abandoned books, and completed books.  Calendars should travel back and forth to school daily in the red reading folders.  Calendar progress will be checked throughout the month.  At the end of the month, calendars will be collected and a score will be assigned for their reading grade (October-May). 
    *In September, we'll work on completing and reviewing the calendars daily.