Math Class

  • The Sun Path Fourth Grade Teachers will be moving through the math units at a similar pace.  You will notice that most classrooms will be on the same daily lesson.  Unit tests are typically scheduled on the same day for all 4 classrooms.
    For the 2021-2022 school year, the Shakopee 4th graders will begin the year focusing on addition, subtraction, and algebra (Unit 3).  This will allow for all students to review and master these skills.  Classrooms will also spend time reviewing basic multiplication and division facts.  Strong multiplication and division fact fluency will to make future units of learning easier.  We will monitor and adjust the schedule as we proceed.
    Math Methods Videos 
    Long Division - Unit 7
    2021 - 2022 Math Instruction Order
    Unit 3 Place Value and Multi-Digit Addition and Subtraction
    Unit 1 Solve Multiplication and Division Word Problems
    Unit 2 Quadrilaterals 
    Unit 5 Multi-Digit Multiplication 
    Unit 4 Angles and Polygons
    Unit 7 Long Division
    Unit 8 Algebra
    Unit 9 Fractions
    Unit 11 Decimals 
    Unit 7 Multi-Digit Division
    Unit 8 Patterns, Functions, and Graphs
    Unit 9 Fractions 
    Unit 11 Decimal Numbers
    Review of MN 4th Grade Math Standards and MCA's 
    Review and Extend 4th Grade Math Skills and Prepare for 5th Grade