Mileage Club

  • All students at Sweeney in grades 1-5 have the opportunity to participate in the Mileage Club.  This is a running/walking club where students earn a Toe Token reward for their effort.  Each student has a punch card.  Students can use the running track during Physical Education, Lunch Recess, and Extra Recess with their classroom teacher.  Students earn one punch on their card for each lap they run.  Once a student has run/walked 5 miles (40 punches), they turn in their punch card for a Toe Token and a new punch card.  Students then become part of the 5-Mile Club, 10-Mile Club, 15-Mile Club, etc. as they complete their punch cards.

    The mileage club is designed to increase fitness levels, fight obesity, improve readiness for learning, and reduce playground hassles.