• PTO Volunteer Opportunities 

     We have several opportunities to get involved with the Sun Path PTO.  We are excited about another great school year!  We welcome any ideas to help enhance the educational experience of our children.  These opportunities are open to all teachers and parents/guardians of the students that attend Sun Path Elementary.  We appreciate any time you may have to volunteer.  
    Thank you for making Sun Path shine!
    If you are interested in any area, please email sunpathpto@hotmail.com
    Areas where we especially need volunteers:

    We will be in need of enthusiastic people to help run our 2020/ 2021 events!!! 

    Yearbook committee needs volunteers- especially for 5th-grade baby pictures! 

    School Supply kits

    Blizzard of Wishes


    Read-a-Thon  - October 15, 2019

    Chair: Tami Weispfenning 
    Planning and organizing the fundraiser.  Finding prizes and creating a reward system for students.  Creating a schedule for day of.  Supervising the actual read a thon day with money counts and student transitions between classes.  Prep work that can be done at home to set up envelopes, getting badges labeled.

    Bingo Night - November 15, 2019

    Planning: Fall
    Chair: Stacy Maliszewski and Elysse Beeson
    Organize the event, coordinate volunteers for that evening, set up and tear down on the day of the event, and publicize the event.

    Student Directory - Fall

    Chairs: Sara Vanneste
    Collect information from families that would like to be a part of the student directory; distribute directory.  
    Blizzard of Wishes- November 14, 2019- December 15, 2019
    Planning: Fall/Winter 
    Chair: Elyse Beeson and Stacy Maliszewski
    Contacting teachers for wish list, organize teacher's wish lists and hang in office for family members to select gift idea(s).   
    Square One Art Fundraiser- Spring
    Planning: Winter/Spring
    Chair: Glenda Watry
    Plan and organize fundraiser for art department.  
    Movie Nights (K-2nd & 3rd- 5th)- January 10th and January 31st, 2020
    Planning: Winter
    Chairs: Laura Heely
    Organize the evening - get volunteers for the night, send out flyers, have popcorn and drinks available for families.
    Spring Dance- March 6, 2020

    Planning: Winter-Spring

    Chair- Marta Leach, Kirsten Lindsay, and Erin Bryan
    Organize the event - publicize, set up and tear down, and coordinate volunteer shifts for different areas such as food sales, door sales, hall monitor, gym monitor etc. Work with Teachers and families to get raffle donations. 


    Staff Appreciation

    Planning- 5 times throughout the year

    Chair- Marta Leach and Anne Jeffries

    Help organize food to donate for staff appreciation dinners (during conferences) and help with set-up and clean up for those evenings.  Also for a week in May, help create and organize staff appreciation week for the Sun Path staff.


    SPAC - April 30, 2020

    Planning- Winter-Spring

    Chairs- Missy Johnson and Rachel Paulson

    Organize the event - publicize the event, set up and tear down that evening, coordinate volunteers for set up and at the event.


    Dinner Nights - One evening every month

    Planning- Once every month

    Chair: ThaoChi Weinard

    Contacting the location of the dinner night and setting up the date and time, creating a flyer reminder for that month’s location, contacting the restaurant after the event to collect donation.


    Yearbook -Throughout the year
    Planning- Throughout the year 
    Chair- April Tomei *** co-chair/ volunteers needed!
    Taking pictures for the yearbook, organizing the pictures, creating and editing yearbook.  Help with sales and marketing of the yearbook.
    Spiritwear - once a year- back to school time
    Planning-store of Saber apparel, coordinating with a printing/ apparel company
    Chair- Marta Leach
    Working with company helping design spirit wear for the school and creating flyers for these stores
    School Supply Kits - For a Month
    Planning- Starting in Jan - March  
    Chair- Need
    Planning school supply kit sale for families starting in January in contact with a representative of the company organizing the lists and supplies.
    Incentive Programs (Box Tops, Coke Rewards... ) - All year
    Planning- All year
    Chair- Barb Dahn
    Creating contests and motivating students, cutting and organizing box tops, Labels for Education..., Turning in labels by deadlines. 
    Staff Birthday Cards- All year
    Planning- All year
    Chair- Haley Olsen
    Getting birthday cards to staff on their birthdays 
    Birthday Books- All Year
    Planning- All year
    Chair-Haley Olsen
    Keeping an inventory for students to receive a book on their birthday, ordering books