piano lessons

Why take lessons?

  • Music enhances the process of learning by simultaneous engagement of senses, muscles, and intellect. School age students of music and the arts have higher grades, better standardized test scores on the verbal and math portions of the SAT, better attendance in school, and are more active in community affairs.

    Music cultivates skills that are useful throughout life for both children and adults.  These include concentration, coordination, perseverance, self-confidence and esteem as well as relaxation. Study of a musical instrument strengthens cognitive skills as well as auditory memory and the ability to hear speech in noisy environments.  Music relaxes the mind and reduces anxiety and depression.

    As a bonus, many colleges view participation in arts and music as a way of broadening the understanding and appreciation of the world. Ultimately, music is a language that brings people together.  It is a bridge to connect with others.  Music uses communication, creativity, and cooperation to enrich lives.

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