CoLD Days


    In the event that we have a school cancellation due to inclement weather or an unforeseen emergency, Connected Learning Days help us meet our instructional hour requirements.   

    • If there is a school cancellation, families will receive an automated email message. Messages will also be posted on the district website,  social media, and appear on local television stations.
    • K-5th grade students will complete portions of a pre-assigned selection of learning activities created by their teacher. 
    • Teachers will check email and voicemail periodically during the school day to answer questions and provide guidance.  
    • The due dates for Connected Learning Day assignments will be one week after the day off.
    • Accommodations for students with special needs will be considered and provided.  If specific adaptations are not able to be provided provisions will be made upon returning to school.

    Here is the CoLD for Sweeney 1st Grade

    CoLD board 1

    CoLD board 2