Welcome to 3rd Grade! 

    I am so excited to be a part of your child’s 3rd grade year! What a year it will be! I wanted to give you some helpful information to start off the year!

    SCHOOL START/END TIME: ​School will start this year at 9:05 and end at 3:45. Please do not drop your child off until 8:55 or after.

    Visitors/Volunteers-​At this time, we can not have visitors for lunch, but we can have volunteers. 

    Homework:​ ​Children will be expected to read on average 5 days a week for 15 minutes. A reading recording sheet will come home with your child the first day of school. Please have your child return the recording sheet to school after they have completed a row. Be sure to initial each row before returning to school. If your child fills a sheet, they are encouraged to get a new one and keep on reading!

    Each child will also be responsible for practicing math facts and studying for science/social/health tests. A review sheet or text book will come home for your child to study from.

    Snack:​ Your child may bring a ​HEALTHY​ snack each day. We will have a snack break each morning or afternoon. Please encourage ​HEALTHY snacks​ with your child.

    Birthdays:​ We will celebrate each child’s birthday in the classroom. We no longer allow children to bring in birthday treats for their birthday.

    If your child has a summer birthday, we will celebrate it in May. I will assign summer birthday celebrations toward the end of the year.

    Student Planner:​ ​Each child has a student planner that will be filled out each day in class. This will keep you informed of what we are doing in each subject and if your child has any homework. PLEASE MAKE SURE TO LOOK AT THIS EACH NIGHT.

    Binders: ​Students will be coming home with their binder which contains their student planner EACH DAY! This will also contain any “mail” your child received from me for the day, as well as any work being sent home. Please check this each day with your child.

    Book Orders: ​You have access to order books online each month. I will provide you with access code information when I send out the first book order. If you prefer to send in the order form and payment, that is great too!

    Student Bee of the Week:

    Each child will have a chance to be our classroom’s “Student Bee of the Week” I will send home a sheet explaining some things your child can share that week, the week prior to your child being our special person in the classroom.


    LABEL your child’s backpack, any coats, mittens, hats, shoes, etc. AGAIN, THANK YOU!

    A few reminders:

    ● ATTENDANCE PHONE LINE: 952-496-5953
    This is the number that should be used to report the absence of your child from school.
    ● If you are picking up your child, please do so at the front UPPER level doors.

    If you need to contact me, you may call 952-496-5952 and leave a message on my voicemail, or my email address is: ​jseel@shakopee.k12.mn.us

    I can’t wait to start our 3rd Grade year together!