1. What is ENRICH and LIFT, and how are they different? ENRICH is the High Potential service for second and third grades. ENRICH teachers extend the learning in the core classroom to engage high-level learners, and prepare them for the rigors of LIFT. ENRICH is IN ADDITION to the core classroom work, so students must keep up with work in their homeroom. ENRICH students alternate days between second and third grade, and core curriculum blocks of Math and Reading rotate in 5 to 7 week blocks. The report card grades do NOT come from the ENRICH teacher, but from the core classroom.
    LIFT is an acronym for Learning Intensive Fast-Track. Fourth and fifth graders who qualify for placement in Reading and/or Math meet everyday with the LIFT teacher. Readers shadow the core classroom concepts, but read materials at above grade level. Readers also have an additional word study curriculum--Wordly Wise, and an intensive comprehension tool--Jacob's Ladder.
    LIFT math is compacted so that 4th grade gets content from 4th and 5th grade math units. Fifth grade gets the rest of 5th grade content, plus 6th grade content.   LIFT students receive their respective grades fromt eh LIFT teacher, NOT the core classroom teacher.
    2. How do students qualify for High Potential Placement? Students used to qualify on a Matrix that included Current MAP and MCA scores. Now all data is put on a spreadsheet so we are able to average ALL the MAP and MCA data as well as report card data from the preceeding year. We feel this gives a much more accurate picture of student performance. We still take into account teacher input, and for the first time, prior placement in an HP class will earn a few points. The idea is to have the best possible placement for students

    3. If my child is currently in a High Potential setting, does that mean they will automatically be placed in a High Potential setting next year? No. Students and academic content change from year to year, so we need to assess every year. Remember, the idea is best placement for the student. It is not unusual for a student to qualify one year, and not the next-- or qualify for one subject, and the next year qualify for another subject.

    4. If my child has a high MAP score, does that qualify them for HP services? It depends (See question 2). Since all test data is factored in and averaged, the current FALL MAP score may be enough to bump up the average, but not neccesarily. NOTE: ONLY FALL MAP SCORES ARE CONSIDERED FOR PLACEMENT---THERE ARE NO NORMS FOR WINTER MAP SCORES.
    5. If my child is enrolled in an HP class, must they stay in that class for the year? No, once again the mantra is "best placement". For whatever reason, a child and their parents may opt out of HP placement. We do need a written letter from the parents, and recommend a conference with the home-room teacher before making a move. NEW THIS YEAR, is a "provisional" status for students who are on the cusp. Generally, performance is reviewed after the first quarter and a decision is made with parents, student, homeroom teacher and the HP Coordinator. Other specialists may be involved as needed.
    Email: skusunok@shakopee.k12.mn.us