Physical Education Department

  • The mission of the Red Oak Physical Education Program is to provide successful physical experiences for all children. Activities in the program are selected from a wide variety of offerings for children in grades Kindergarten through five. Participation in the physical education curriculum will allow students to have the opportunity to develop knowledge and practices necessary in obtaining personal physical fitness and lifetime wellness values. They should also acquire appropriate physical skills to participate in a wide range of physical activities
    and specialized sports skills. Social interaction occurs in physical education classes and participation should foster personal values.

    Students in grades 1-5 will have Physical Education class 4 times in a 10 day cycle. Classes are 50 minutes.
    Kindergartners will have Physical Education class 8 times in a 10 day cycle.  Classes will be 25 minutes. 

    Students are required to have safe clean tennis shoes. These shoes can be worn outside of PE.

    If you have any clean tennis shoes that are too small we would be happy to take them. This way students who forget proper shoes can borrow a pair so they can participate!