Secondsota News . April 8th-12th

    Welcome back!  I hope all of you and your kids feel rested and ready for quarter four of school.  


    Monday:  Welcome back! Mystery Doug Monday!


    Wednesday:   Vocabulary day with Ms. Strand.  

    Thursday:  Amari’s mom is coming in for Jr. Achievement! She will talk to us about occupations, jobs.  Ask me what I want to be when I grow up?

    Friday:  Spelling test.  Homework due. Making dioramas


    Spelling: helped, helping, printed, printing, sliced, slicing, joked, joking, dropped, dropping, clapped, clapping

    Reading: Wrapping up skills on before reading, during reading and after reading.  

    Know, want to know, what I learned (KWL)

    Writing:  Finishing our dinosaur reports.

    Math:  2D and 3D shapes, temperature, congruent, similar, vertex, corner, edge, base, face

    Science:  Plants.  We will start our planting unit this week.  Ask me what it means to be a green thumb! This is an idiom for I am good at planting.  Google Idioms.

    Social Studies:  We are so thankful for Amari’s mom for coming in every Thursday to teach economics to the kids through a program called Jr. achievement.  The kids will learn a new concept every week.

    Have a great week!  Mrs. Thompson