Library Book Policies

  • Library Book Policies

    Going to the library is exciting for your child. It is a "grown-up" feeling being allowed to independently choose a book, bring it home, and have the responsibility of caring for that book.
    In our Learning Commons, we offer high quality, up-to-date, multicultural titles. We think your child will be thrilled at the vast selection of books.
    In Media, we discuss how to take care of a library book. Children may need parental help in taking care of their book at home and remembering to bring it back to school. We especially stress the importance of keeping books clean and dry. If your child carried a snack or beverage in that backpack, please seal them inside a separate plastic bag to help protect library books from accidental spills.
    Kindergarten students check out one book at a time. Grades 1-5 may check out up to 3 books at a time. Books are due ten school days after check out. 
    Overdue information will be emailed home via our automated system on Sundays. If books are lost or damaged, we do not charge fines, but we do accept non-refundable donations to help cover the cost of replacement.
    Learning to read is a thrilling experience for a young child. We look forward to working with you and your child's teacher in fostering your child's love for reading and books. Please drop us a note with any questions, concerns, or comments.
    Katie Bohn, Media Specialist
    Shelly Tolonen, Media Assistant
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