Sweeney School Patrol

  • Rules:
    Show up for work on your scheduled days at the appropriate time (keep your schedule in a safe place)
    Act appropriately as a leader
    Dress appropriately for the weather (hats, gloves, and boots required in the winter)
    Be a role model at school (the younger students look up to you)
    Communicate with Mrs. Hanson, Mrs. Bohn, and the captains with questions or concerns

    Consequences for breaking the rules:
    1st offense = verbal warning
    2nd offense = suspended for a day
    3rd offense = suspended for a week
    4th offense = suspended from school patrol for the rest of the year

    Arrival Time:
    A.M. Patrols – arrive at school by 8:35. You will patrol at your corner from 8:40-9:00. Captains have the final say in which corner you will be stationed at.
    P.M. Patrols – leave your classroom at 3:35. You will patrol from 3:45-4:00. Captains have the final say in which patrol job you will do for the day.

    If you are going to be absent:
    You need to contact Mrs. Hanson to let me know you will be absent so that we can find a sub for you.

    Mrs. Hanson
    952.496.5832 ext. 6955