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    Oct. 30   Day 5 Music (Kim)

    Oct. 31   Day 6 Art

    Nov. 1    Day 7 PE (Casey)

    Nov. 2    Day 8 Music (Peoples)                          

    Nov. 3    Day 9   Media   


    Nov. 6    Day 10 PE (Casey)    

    Nov. 7    Day 1 Music (Kim)

    Nov. 8    Day 2 PE (Casey)

    Nov. 9    Day 3 Art

    Nov. 10    Day 4 PE (Casey)



    Read 15-20 minutes each day: your child could read to you, read to him/herself, or listen while someone reads to him/her; ask questions and discuss what has been read

    Facts 5 minutes each day: your child should practice the addition and subtraction flashcards to memorize them

    Spelling words practice spelling words two times per day, Monday-Thursday write once, spell orally once

    Writing please share those family stories that have become 'classics' with your child; the ones where something bad could or did happen, but everything turned out alright; please ensure that your child was somehow involved in the story

    *Academics: I hope that you have seen the videos of our hurricane structures; check out Seesaw. We are wrapping up science and getting ready to start social studies. Our unit will focus on Native Americans, specifically tribes from Minnesota. In reading, we continue to practice summarizing, using story elements to help. In math, we will wrap up our studies of graphing this week, then move into solving story problems. We are sharing stories about things that have happened to us. We also will be learning about 'Little Book' writing.

    Notices: Book orders are due by 6 PM, Monday, Oct. 30. My name is now on the list when you search, so it should be easier to place an order now.