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    May 26     Day 1 Music (Flatness)


    May 29     Memorial Day  

    May 30     Day 2 PE (Casey)    Track and Field Day 9:30-12:00       All library books due    

    May 31     Day 3 Art 

    June 1      Day 4 PE                  Arboretum Field Trip 9:30-2:00                  

    June 2      Day 5 Music (Flatness)


    June 5      Day 6  Art

    June 6      Day 7 PE (Casey)   

    June 7      Day 8 Music (Peoples)       Grade K, 2, 4 Talent Show 1:30-2:15

    June 8      Day 9   Media


    We need to harvest our brassica seeds. You will be getting a cup with seeds already planted soon. Brassica is a FAST growing plant that likes lots of sun and needs constant water. It will go through its entire life cycle in about 8 weeks. If you cross pollinate the flowers, you could harvest more seeds at home.

    In math, we will be reviewing concepts taught to give everyone a chance to pass the tests we have taken so far. We will also practice addition and subtraction facts. 

    In reading, we will be focusing on the things we have learned, while in writing we are writing opinions. 

    As you can see, we still have things to learn and do before the end of the school year, but we ARE doing some fun things, too!

    End of year update:

    *Track and Field Day: Tuesday, May 30 9:30-12:00.    Please help your child put sunscreen on at home and be sure your child has water to drink for the day. Parents/Family members ARE invited to come to watch. Bring a chair and walk to the field on the north side of the school. Also, children are asked to wear WHITE shirts for the day, to make it easy to identify our classmates. 

    *Be on the lookout for opinion writings coming home now and over the next few days. There are some 'keepers' there!

    *Donations Needed for Tuesday, May 30: Ice cream (bucket size; vanilla); chocolate and other toppings for ice cream; bowls+spoons                                           

    If you are interested in donating and bringing them to school for Tuesday afternoon, please email me to let me know your intentions.                                    Remember, Tuesday morning is our Track and Field Day, so if you plan to come to watch, you could bring your donation then.

    All library books are due on Tuesday, May 30. Please send them back so others can check them out next year.

    Take home book bags will be collected on Tuesday, May 30, as well.  Please send the bag and the book(s) back to school. They will be used again next year.

    Miscellaneous Announcements:

    Please practice addition and subtraction facts at home.

    Mrs. Hilgers would like you to know about these summer reading resources: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1xtk4TqYU1AmMWHh5u0Mvh0Cfd_wKk5D8XENBucvKxtU/edit?usp=sharing