Welcome to Art

  • Mr. Olson Mr.Olson
    Hello! Welcome to the art department! I look forward to working with your student and to helping them create a variety of art they will enjoy! Art education is very important to a student’s development because many are visual learners. Through my years working in the district and reading various studies I have found that many students can show what they know through images.  I also have a strong belief that combining art with other disciplines such as writing, reading, science, etc. can help a student excel in those subjects. The students learning will focus around the elements of art, principles of art, art history, and art production. I incorporate this information into the numerous units they complete. Students experiment with everything from drawing and painting to printing and clay work. It can get very messy so I ask that every student has an art shirt. An art shirt is just an old shirt that can get messy and preferably one that is large enough to cover most of what the student is wearing. There are also some events that the students will be participating in. Our celebration of art and writing called Literacy and Beyond" will be held in the spring and the third graders field trip to the Minneapolis Institute of Arts will also be in the spring. I will post the exact dates of those events on this site when I know them. Enjoy the school year and I look forward to seeing you around the building!
    Mr. Olson
    Art Specialist