Zoo Phonics

  • Allie Alligator
    This year we will be using the Zoo Phonics program to teach students the alphabet and letter sounds. This unique program teaches phonemic awareness through a whole brain approach--hearing (audio), seeing (visual), speaking (oral), moving (kinesthetic), and touching (tactile). Animals are used to draw each letter of the alphabet which makes it easier for children to remember; along with the alphabet being drawn with animals, there are also body signals for each letter.
    We believe this is an effective and developmentally appropriate way to teach phonemic awareness, and we are looking forward to seeing the growth our students make throughout the academic year. 
    See or print the Zoo Phonics alphabet with the names of the animals and the movement that goes along with each letter. Review these with your child at home when they are practicing their writing or having difficulty forming or identifying a letter.
     Zoo Phonics Signal Poster