• Students


    Please read the following descriptions about the daily events in our classroom.

    Home/School “Round Trip BINDER”

    Each child is to return his/her “Round Trip BINDER” every day. This binder is designed to help your child be organized and will also prevent important information from getting lost. The binder will include notes to “Keep At Home” and notes/information that need to be “Returned to School”. The Binder will contain your child’s assignment notebook along with a slip pocket that will hold homework. Please make sure to look at the notebook and papers in the slip pocket to see what your child needs to complete at home each night. Please sign the binder NIGHTLY and have your child bring it to school each day.



    Snack will be incorporated into the morning. Please send a nutritious snack with your child each day for this time. Please do not send pop, candy, chips, etc. (The school does not provide a snack for your child). Please remember that we are a NUT FREE classroom. Be careful when sending snacks and make sure to read labels.



    Classes go to recess before eating lunch. Having recess first is beneficial because the students are able to sit long enough to eat their food, rather than rushing off to recess. Our lunchtime is at 12:00.



    • Please read with your child each night and/or make sure they are independently reading each night. It is beneficial to talk with your child about what he or she is reading. This helps so much with reading comprehension!

    • Math homework will be sent home on some nights. Look for the homework sheets in your child’s “Round Trip Binder” and check their assignment notebook for what needs to be completed.


    Library Books

    Your child will check out books once in a 10-day cycle. The students can have the books checked out for two weeks before the books are due back. If your child finishes a book before the week is over, he/she can check out new books in the morning. If the book needs to be renewed, please send the book on the due date and your child can recheck out the same book to finish reading.




    Phy Ed

    Each child needs to have a pair of gym shoes that he/she will use ONLY for gym class. The PE teachers prefer white-soled shoes. The children should keep the shoes in their lockers. Please label their shoes with their name in permanent marker.



    The class will see the Art Specialist one day each week. Please send a large art shirt to school with your child that they will keep in their locker. Please label the inside of the shirt with your child’s name.


    Lunch Money

    If your child wants to bring a lunch from home, he/she may purchase milk by using their declining lunch balance. Lunch money can be sent in the morning to me in a labeled envelope with your child’s first and last name, grade, and teacher, or paid over the internet (located on the Shakopee Schools Website).


    Attendance Number

    If your child will miss school due to illness or vacation, please call the Jackson Attendance Line: 496-5803. This information is very helpful to the secretary.



    If your child has a change in transportation after school, I need written verification. The notes can be sent to me in the “Round Trip Binder” Your child will not be permitted to go home on the bus with a friend. If your child has written permission to go home with a friend, alternate transportation must be in place (ex: car, walking).



    To make this year more successful many volunteers are needed. If you would like to volunteer, please complete the volunteer interest sheet or send me an email. Also make sure to complete a background check form that can be found on the Shakopee Schools website. A new form needs to be completed each year.


    If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me by phone or email. My email is as follows: manglin@shakopee.k12.mn.us

    I look forward to a great year with this Fourth Grade Class!

    Mrs. Anglin