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    Ms. Amy Rutter


    Sept 3rd, 2019

    Dear Kindergarten Families,

    Welcome to Kindergarten!  I know this is an exciting time for you and your child as he/she begins his/her school experience.  I am very happy to be your child’s teacher and a part of his/her first year of school.  Please look over this letter regarding information for this upcoming school year.


    Each family was asked to contribute $20.00 to help with school supplies and field trips.  Occasionally I will ask for some special items.  Please watch the monthly newsletters and our classroom website for these items.


    Birthdays are an exciting time for children and kindergarteners love to celebrate these special times with their new friends.  Treats are welcomed, but health regulations require that they are commercially prepared (store bought). Please note, we have a peanut allergy in our classroom; when purchasing birthday treats, please make sure they are peanut free in its entirety. The number of students in our class can change so feel free to contact me ahead of time to find out the correct number of students.

    Note: Children with summer birthdays will have a designated day at the end of the year to celebrate their special day (specific dates will be announced in May). 


    Children riding the bus will only be allowed on their designated bus and allowed to get off at their assigned stopIf your child will not be riding the bus on any given day, PLEASE notify me with a note, email, or phone call.  I must hear from YOU or your child will be sent home on the bus.  When dropping off and/or picking up your child from school, you are welcome to escort your child to and from the classroom. If you are picking up your child from school you may wait in your vehicle or come into the office to sign him/her out.   If it is necessary for your child to leave school early, you need to sign him/her out in the office and the office will notify me.  Do not come in the room first!  This is for the safety of your child and all of the children at Jackson.  


    Your child will have a “Round Trip” folder that will come home daily.  It is important for you to check the folder daily along with the calendar to keep up with current happenings.  This folder will contain monthly newsletters, book orders and other important information.  This is a great way for you and I to communicate on a daily basis. 


    Your child has the option to bring in a snack each day, but please, the snack cannot contain peanuts as this is an allergy for some of our students.  Our snack will occur in the afternoon as we have an early lunch.  Please have your child bring in a small snack that your child can finish within 5-10 minutes.  Please do not send drinks for snack as we have a drinking fountain in our classroom. Looking for snack ideas? Check out the Jackson Kindergarten website for some healthy, nutritious options!


    Your child will receive a lunch menu at the beginning of each month.  Your child will have the option of a hot lunch or saber lunch.  Hot lunch will be on the menu that is sent home monthly. Saber lunch consists of a sandwich, chips, and vegetables. Your child will also have the opportunity to bring lunch from home if he/she wants. I suggest you put the menu on your fridge or keep it in your child’s Round Trip folder so you always have access to it. 

    Each lunch costs $2.20 per day. Milk can be purchased with home lunches for $0.50 as well. Options of payment include: cash, check or online through our school website. If sending cash or a check, please send in a sealed envelope with your child’s name and lunch number (your child’s school ID number) on the outside of the envelope.  Your child may also qualify for free or reduced lunch; please contact me if you need an application.

    Please let me know if your child has any allergies to food if you have not done that already. This should also be on your child’s health form in the nurse’s office.


    In May 2014, the state of Minnesota passed a bill to fund free breakfast for all Kindergarten students. If your child will be eating breakfast at Jackson, he/she will immediately go to the cafeteria when he/she arrives at school. Please be aware, all students need to be in our classroom at 8:25 to start our school day.


    Your child will be going outside for recess each day.  Please make sure your child is dressed for the weather.  In the winter months, make sure your child comes to school with a winter coat, boots, snow pants, hat, mittens, and scarf; also, your child needs to be able to dress themselves.  Indoor recess occurs when the weather is rainy or the temperature and/or wind chill is below zero degrees.  Please let me know if you have difficulty finding or affording winter gear.


    Your child will be attending specialists daily.  Jackson is on a 10-day cycle rotation.  Your child will have the opportunity to participate in art, music, gym, and media depending on the cycle day.  Please make sure your child has a pair of gym shoes and an art shirt (as stated on the supply list) to keep in their locker at school.


    Every month you will be receiving a newsletter from me telling you about the month’s happenings.  Parents have found it helpful to keep it posted on the refrigerator so it can be reviewed daily.  I also post my newsletter on my website.


    Each week I will post a weekly update on my website communicating what was taught in the areas of Language Arts, Math, Science and Social Studies.  I will also include reminders of important dates.  This includes special announcements for the next week. 


    Please ensure I have your correct email at the beginning of the year. I send reminders about special days often and love to connect with parents about the success their child is having in our classroom! During the hours of 8-3, email is the best way to communicate with me (arutter@shakopee.k12.mn.us). 


    The Jackson Kindergarten team updates our website often. Follow the below directions to access our website:

    1.      Go to www.shakopee.k12.mn.us.

    2.      Select “Jackson Elementary” from the “Our Schools” dropdown menu.

    3.      Hover over “Classrooms” and select “Kindergarten”.

    4.      Explore our site! ☺

    In order to access Ms. Rutter’s individual page, click on “Visit” next to my name. Here you will find information specifically for our class (newsletters, pictures, daily schedule, etc.).


    I am always looking for volunteers and would love it if you are able to help us out! If you are planning to volunteer for a classroom party, chaperone a field trip, or help out in the classroom, you are required to fill out information for a background check before any volunteering can take place.  This form is found on the Shakopee Schools website. Volunteering in the classroom will not begin until October when routines are more in place.  Thank you for your patience.  I will contact you when we are ready and look forward to having you in the classroom.

    I am very much looking forward to our new adventure in all-day K!

    Ms. Amy Rutter