5th Grade Gym Helpers

  • Congratulations on your decision in signing up to be a Jackson Elementary gym helper. Gym helping duties include: helping setting up the gym when you arrive in the morning, and helping to put equipment away and clean up the gym at the end of the day.

    Criteria for a gym helper is that they:

    * Have to be a walker to school / unless they can get their own transportation to and from school.

    * Must arrive at Jackson Elementary by 7:50 am with Parent / Guardian permission.

    * Must be able to leave class at 2:50 with Classroom Teacher permission.

    * Must have all school work completed before helping out in the gym. (Academics comes 1st.)

    * All gym helpers must have their "Gym Helper Parent permission Slip" signed by their: Parents, Classroom Teachers, and The Principal. They must have signatures by all three to be eligible to be a gym helper.

    * If a Teacher needs the student to stay in the classroom for any reason, academic or other, the gym helper must abide by the rules of the classroom first.

    If Chosen to be a gym helper this would be an assignment for the whole school year. Students may choose to stop being a gym helper at any time. Those that are on patrol will have to do their patrol duties first and may resume being a gym helper when their patrol duties are done.

    Permission slips will be given to the interested 5th grade students the first week of school.