Fitness Testing

  • Jackson Elementary School uses a combination of fitness tests from accredited programs to track our student’s fitness level throughout their elementary experience. The standards used are based on average children of the same gender in the United States. Our goal is to provide every student with information about their own personal fitness level. Tests will be given twice a year, one in the fall and then again in the spring. In class students will be working on improving their scores throughout the year using various exercises and activities. Reports will be sent home at the completion of each testing period.

    Listed below are the fitness tests your child will be tested on.


    1. Curl Ups (Sit Ups) Fitness Gram Standards         


    Objective: To measure abdominal strength/endurance by maximum number of curl-up performed.                


    Testing:  Have student lie on cushioned, clean surface with knees flexed and feet about 12 inches from buttocks. Partner holds feet. Arms are opposite shoulders and elbows held close to chest. Keeping this arm position, student raises the trunk curling up to touch elbows to thighs and then lowers the back to the floor so that the scapulas (shoulder blades) touch the floor, for one curl-up. The test is performed to a cadence.









    2. Shuttle Run (Optional Test) not part of our fitness testing.


                                 Presidential Challenge Standards


    Objective: To perform the shuttle run as fast as possible.


    Testing: Mark two parallel lines 30 feet apart and place two blocks of wood or similar object (approximate size of 2"x2"x4") behind one of the lines. Students start behind opposite line. On the signal "Ready? Go!" the student runs to the blocks, picks one up, runs back to the starting line, places block behind the line, runs back and picks up the second block and runs back across the starting line.

    3. One Mile Run/WalkPresidential Challenge Standards  



    Objective: To measure heart/lung endurance by fastest time to cover a one-mile distance.


    Testing:  Students will complete four laps on the outdoor paved path which encircles our playground area. Walking may be interspersed with running, however, the students are encouraged to cover the distance in as short a time as possible



    4. Push- UpsFitness Gram Standards             


                Objective: To measure upper body strength/endurance by maximum number of push-ups completed.


    Testing: Student will begin in upper push- up position with hands directly below shoulders, back flat and feet extended out. No knees, or feet against the wall will be allowed. Using a cadence, students complete as many push-ups as possible.




    5. Sit and ReachPresidential Fitness Standards


               Objective: To measure flexibility of lower back and hamstrings, by farthest distance reached.


    Testing:  A specially constructed box with a measuring scale marked in centimeters, with 23 centimeters at the level of the feet. Student removes shoes and sits on floor with knees fully extended feet shoulder-width apart and soles of the feet held flat against the end of the box. With hands on top of each other, palms down, and legs held flat, student reaches along the measuring line as far as possible. After three practice reaches, the fourth is held while the distance is recorded.