• Below are some helpful sites for writing. Rhyming dictionary, thesaurus, dictionaries, and creative ideas can be found here. Make sure you scroll down to WRITING WITH WRITERS at the bottom. It is the MOST exciting site for students who love to write! 

    Poetry Sites

    Rhyme Zone If you like to write rhyming poems but have trouble coming up with the words, here's the site for you. It's amazing!

    Instant Poetry Forms This site helps you write fun and exciting poems by filling in the blanks! Awesome!

    Writing Haiku This form of poetry is very short. Word choice is critical.

    Giggle Poetry Hundreds of poems to read!

    Word Families & Rhymes  Great resource for rhyming words for writing poetry!

    Poetry 4 Kids This is a wonderful site for aspiring poets and includes a collection of funny poems, poetry games and a child oriented rhyming dictionary. Definitely worth a visit!

    Poetry in Motion This site defines several types of poetry formats and some poetic techniques to apply to all formats. If you like to write poetry check out this slide show.


    Writing Stories

    Stapleless Book Here you can design your own small story book. When you print it out you just fold, make a small cut and voila! You have a little book!

    Writing with Writers
    This Scholastic Books sponsored site is outstanding for students who want to try some writing at home. I know some of you love to write anywhere you are. Visit this site. I know you'll love it!!!


    Spelling Activities and Games

    Spell Check Game



    Stay Afloat Hangman type game

    Sign the Alphabet

    Plurals game


    Word Fun!

     Word Central Super resource for having fun with words.

    Make Your Own Word Search Use your own spelling words and have some fun.

    Wacky Tales
    Some "Mad-Libs" style writing activities.

    Wordmaker Use word families to make words in this game.


    Gammar Fun and Practice

    Grammar Gorillas 
    Grammar game

    Capitalization and Punctuation 

    Grammar Blast game

    Apostrophes Learn more about the two main jobs of this punctuation.

    Apostrophe quiz Do you know when to use apostrophe's? Try your knowledge.

    Plurals Learn more about the tricky ones.

    Writing lists using commas Great place to practice this skill.

    Complete Sentences Presentation



    Webster Dictionary
    You can look up words and even find their synomyms in the thesaurus. This really lets the young author vary and expand their word usage.

    This on-line dictionary will also provide other resources including; a thesaurus and translator (for other languages)