• Welcome to Ms. Hartman's Third Grade Classroom!!
    Below you will find some general information about my classroom. 
    Contact Information: 
    The best way to reach Ms. Hartman is by emailing her at sahartma@shakopee.k12.mn.us.  I will be sure to respond to everyone within a 24-hour period.  If you have an emergency or need to contact Ms. Hartman about the way your child is getting home from school, please contact Wendy or Kathy in the office at 952-496-5802.  This ensures that I will get the message before the day is over.  Some days I don't check my e-mail until after school is over.
    Round Trip Folders:
    Please check your child's Round Trip Folders nightly (this is navy blue).  This is a great way for Ms. Hartman and parents to stay in touch.  Your child needs to bring his/her folder home every night, and back to school the next morning.  
    Snacks are welcome in our classroom.  Please send a healthy snack such as fruit, veggies, crackers, fruit snacks, etc.  Please avoid candy, chips, peanut butter (due to allergies), or anything that needs to be refrigerated.  
    Water Bottles:

    Your child is welcome to bring a water bottle to keep at their desk.  Your child will have the opportunity to fill it up every morning when they come into the classroom.  Water bottles will be sent home on Friday to be cleaned.  If the water bottle is distracting your child from learning, the child will be asked to keep the wattle bottle at home.


    Birthdays are celebrated in 2nd grade.  Due to food allergies, I ask that your child avoid anything with peanut butter.  If you have questions about what to bring, please ask Ms. Hartman in advance.  Birthday treats are optional, but if your child chooses to bring them, please have enough for all of the children in the class.  Other options beside food include pencils, party favors, and stickers.  We have 26 students in our class. *Please avoid handing out birthday party invitation at school unless everyone in the class (all of one gender) is getting one.