• Below are items that are on my teaching Wish List! All of the items are used in my classroom year after year, with my students.  Most items go with the curriculum and have been shared with me by fellow teachers.  Please don't feel obligated to donate.  I appreciate your support, and the time that you devote to your student throughout the year.  If you choose to donate, I appreciate your contributions SO much!
    Peanut-free snacks for kids who don't have them
    Target or Walmart gift cards for classroom supplies and science experiments
    Black White Board Markers
    Hand Sanitizer 
    Julia Cook Books (teach social skills and other life skills):
    Thanks for the Feedback
    I Just Want to Do It My Way
    Sorry, I Forgot to Ask
    Making Friends Is an Art
    Cliques Just Don't Make Sense
    Peer Pressure Gauge
    Decibella and Her 6-inch Voice
    The Ant Hill Disaster