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  • Elementary school age children should accumulate at least 30 – 60 minutes of age appropriate and developmentally appropriate physical activity from a variety of activities on all (or most) days of the week. Parents play an important role in supplementing school physical education programs.


    Promote development of body control:


    • Create a space for your child to do stunts and tumbling activities (animal walks, rolls, balances).

    • Jump on a mini-tramp, over jump ropes and/or other objects.

    • Play games such as hopscotch, twister, tag, hide and go seek, follow the leader, leap frog, Red Light Green Light, Captain May I etc.

    • Dance or move to music. Share dances from each generation in your family.

    • Use play equipment such as hopping balls, hula hoops, scooter, tunnels, skateboards, roller and ice skates (don’t forget to use helmets and pads), sit and spin, or pogo stick.

    • Create and move through obstacles courses.


      Promote the development of object control skills:


    • Throw and catch objects: Begin with big and soft objects such as balloons, beach balls, foam balls and progress to small objects such as koosh balls, bean bags, softballs, Frisbees. Use Velcro catch mitts; make scoops out of milk jugs.

    • Kick objects: Begin with stationary large objects and progress to small moving objects. Kick for distance and/or accuracy. Play kickball.

    • Strike objects: Use stationary/suspended/slow moving objects. Play beach ball volleyball, T-ball, badminton, racquetball, tennis, tetherball, croquet, or softball.

    • Roll a ball, run and catch it while it is still rolling. Make bowling pins out of empty milk cartons. Bounce balls: four square.


      Promote a physically fit lifestyle:


    • Set up a time and place for your child to.

    • Include your child when you work out.

    • Bike, rollerblade, skateboard, ice skate, rock climb (don’t forget helmet and pads) run, walk, swim, or ski.

    • Have your child take a ten minute exercise break every hour while reading, doing homework, or watching television.

    • Participate in winter activities such as sledding, making angels in the snow.


      Safety First:


      All activities are suggestions that parents can do to promote an active lifestyle with their child. If a parent or child does not feel comfortable or safe with the suggested activity don’t do it. Only do activities that do not put the child or parent in a situation where they might get hurt.


      Please wear all protective gear (helmets, elbow pads, knee pads, mouth guard, etc: when possible.


      Please: Never have your child play on the street or any area that could be potentially dangerous.