Jackson Elementary 

                                      Physical Education Philosophy 




              Jackson Elementary Physical Education department believes that each child needs directed physical education taught by a certified Physical Education Specialist.


               Physical Education, to be meaningful in the lives of boys and girls, should represent a planned development sequence of experience beginning with first grade and extending through grade five. These Physical experiences should be part of the total educational process of the child, no less or more important than any other academic subject.


               Students should experience fun and enjoyment while gaining knowledge and skills which will result in future choices of lifelong physical activities. They will also gain knowledge and experience which will help them meet life challenges and develop an appreciation and respect for individual differences.


                 The program provides opportunities for the development of healthy, happy, well adjusted and integrated personalities.



                                                         Jeff Casey

                                                              Kim Johanson

                                                              Brian Snell

                                                         Physical Education Specialist

                                                         Jackson Elementary School