High Frequency Flashcards

  • Your child will need to read 150 high frequency words by the end of the year. Sight words have to be memorized. Sight words are typically words that cannot be sound out or blended together. 

    A great way to practice the high frequency words is through the use of flashcards.  The flashcards can be found by clicking on the purple words below the icon.

    How to Use the Flashcards

    1.    Have your child read all the words to you.  Then, make a "known" pile and an "unknown" pile. Put each pile in a baggie.  One baggie labeled “known” and the other labeled “unknown.”   The words are considered "known" if the child can read within about 3 seconds of seeing it and not sounding the word out.

    2.    Then take 5 words your child knows and one word your child does not know.  Put the words in a baggie.  This baggie is called the “Working On baggie.”  Practice these words until your child knows the “new” word you added. 

    3.    Then add another “unknown” word.  Continue to practice until your child knows all of these.

    4.    Continue the process of steps 2 and 3.  However, never have more than 10 words in the “Working on baggie” at once.  Take the extra quick known words out of the “working” baggie and place the words back in the “known” baggie.

    5.    Soon…your child will be able to read the sight words with ease and reading will be very enjoyable!


    The “Known” words are great to have your child read on their own for continued fluency while you are busy making supper.


    Once your child can read the words, the above process can be used to help your child “Write” the words.