Simply put, growth mindset is the idea that you have control over your own intelligence through persistence and effort.  When you give your all and don't give up, no matter how challenging something is, you can learn it.  When you have a growth mindset, you understand that no matter what your starting point is, intelligence is not a fixed trait and you can grow it.  Conversely, someone with a fixed mindset believes that intelligence is a fixed trait you are born with and can do nothing to change it.
    In Young Scholars and in your child's K-3 classroom, we are working hard to reframe our thinking when we feel stuck or that something is not going our way.  The mind is a powerful thing and if it is trained to automatically use growth mindset thoughts instead of fixed mindset thoughts, it will go a long way to help a student achieve great things.  Below is an example of an anchor chart we made in a first grade classroom in attempt to give the students growth mindset thoughts to replace more fixed thoughts.
    anchor chart  
    Parents play a big role in mindset as well!  You can best help your child develop a growth mindset by demonstrating one yourself!  Another extremely important aspect of helping your child develop a growth mindset is the messages you give your child.  Instead of telling them what they "are" in your praise, praise the process they went through to get to the result.  This helps give them a something they can repeat in similar situations instead of a title to live up to.  See below for some examples:
     Instead of... Try...
    You are really athletic! You really work hard and pay attention when you are on that field!
    You are so smart!You work hard in school and it shows! 
    Your drawing is wonderful; you are my little artist. I can see you have been practicing your drawing; what a great improvement!
    You are a great athlete.  You could be the next Pele! Keep practicing, and you will see great results!
    You always get good grades; that makes me happy.  When you put forth effort, it really shows in your grades.  You should be so proud of yourself!  We are proud of you!
     Mindset Kit has great online resources for parents to help instill a growth mindset in their child!  Take a peek at this website and have some fun with these activities!