• Additional Information 

    Home/School “Round Trip Folder”
    Each child will receive a “Round Trip Folder” on the first day of school. This folder is designed to help your child be organized and will also prevent important information from getting lost. Please keep the finished papers from the folder at home. Feel free to write me a note, place it in the return to school side and remind your child to show me the note so I can respond if necessary. Please send this folder back to school every day with your child.  

    Be sure to send a nutritious snack with your child every day because there will be a few minutes set aside every morning for them to eat it. Sometimes first graders get the words "snack" and "treat" confused.  A few snack ideas are crackers, fruit, veggies, cheese sticks etc. These snacks are meant to fuel their body and help with focus and learning.  If they bring items such as fruit snacks, candy, brownies, donuts, sugared cereal etc., I will ask them to save those "treats" for after school. 

    Water Bottles
    Children in my classroom are allowed to have a water bottle to keep in their locker. I encourage students to bring them home on Fridays to have them washed. There is also a water fountain inside our classroom as well.  

    Your child will checkout books with the class once every two weeks during their Media time. If they finish the book early, they are welcome to bring the book back to school and let me know.  I will send them to the library in the morning to return and check out a new book.  They can do this as many times as they'd like. If the book is not returned within one month, your child will then receive a written notice to either return the book or to pay for it. 

    Each child needs to have a pair of gym shoes to wear in the gym.  If your child wears athletic shoes every day, no need to buy an additional pair.  If your child wears sandals, boots, etc occasionally, we ask that you supply an extra pair of gym shoes to keep in thier locker for the days that they have gym. These come in handy in the winter time when children wear boots and often forget to bring a change of shoes.

    Please send a large art shirt to school with your child. An old t-shirt of yours will work the best.  Please label the inside of the shirt with your child’s name. During Art class, they often paint or work with messy materials and I don't want your child's clothes to be ruined.     

    Lunch Money
    You may send lunch money to school with your child if it is in an envelope labeled with their name and lunch number or you may also pay on-line. If you notice a “lunch” stamp on your child’s hand, that means the lunch account is showing a balance of $10 or less. If your child wants to bring a lunch from home, he/she may purchase milk for 30 cents or have it deducted from his/her lunch account. 

    We do celebrate birthdays in our classroom. Please be aware that we do have a student who cannot consume gluten.  To keep every child safe in the class, I am requesting that if you would like to send a birthday "treat" that it be something non- food related.  Some idease would be to send a pencil for all children, fun erasers, or a book to donate to the class etc..   If your child's birthday is in the summer, I will send you an email towards the end of the school year to let you know when we will be celebrating your child's birthday in our class.  

    Absence/ Attendance Number
    If your child will miss school due to illness or vacation, please call the Jackson Attendance Line at 952-496-5803. It is also very helpful if you send me an email as well letting me know if your child is or will be absent.  

    If your child has a change in transportation after school, I will need written verification or a phone call into the front office. I prefer that you send me an email at the beginning of the day so I will have time during my lunch or my prep time to check it.. Your child will not be permitted to go home on the bus with a friend. If your child has written permission to go home with a friend, alternate transportation must be in place (ex. car, walk).

    In addition, I am in need of volunteers to make this year successful! If you would like to volunteer, please write me a note or email and I will contact you. I usually send out emails and/or letters telling when I need volunteers for field trips etc. but if you are interested in helping with projects or working with small groups of children, please let me know.  

    I am looking forward to a great year with this First Grade Class!
    Mrs. Keller