• Every year both Shakopee East and West JHs choose to audition interested and willing students for the Minnesota State Honor Choirs.
    Auditions are recorded at school and uploaded to the state website.  

    20178 7-8 Boys and 7-8 Girls Honor Choir





    Audition Fee: $16

    *Checks made out to SESM

    **if accepted into the honor choir, registration fee is $120 per student- scholarships are available through ACDA-MN

    SSA Audition Materials:

    1. Sing a Scale in a respective key
      1. Soprano 1 (high): F
      2. Soprano 2 (middle): Eb
      3. Alto (low): Db
    2. Musica
      1. Soprano 1 and 2: Key of F
      2. Alto: Key of E

    TTB Audition Materials:

    1. Sing a scale in respective key
      1. Tenor 1 (unchanged): Ab, A, Bb, B, C, Db, D
      2. Tenor 2 (changing/midvoice): Eb, E, F, Gb, G
      3. Baritone: A, Bb, B, C, Db, D
    2. My Country Tis of Thee in same key as the scale they chose
     Please see the website link below for FULL details for both Honor Choirs! All audition materials can be found on the website.