• The Shakopee Junior High School Student Council will encourage student leadership and give students a voice in the school community. 

    Goals of Student Council include: development of attitudes and practice in good citizenship, improvement of student-adult relationships in school, enhancement of school pride and morale, providing a forum for student expression, providing orderly direction of school activities, and promoting the general welfare of the school. 

    The SJHS Student Council organizes a variety of special school events including school dances, participation in fundraisers for local and national charities, and various other functions in cooperation with the school administration.  

    We will determine meeting times once we establish the members of the council.   All council members are expected to

    Attend monthly meetings

    Volunteer to help with dances and fund raising events

    Maintain grades of C or better in all classes

    Not miss more than two events/meetings (absences due to illness are not counted.)

    Be a role model of both academic and behavior for the student body