Bus Safety

  • At Red Oak, our goal is to make each child’s trip to and from school safe and that the bus is an enjoyable place for all children to be.
    Student safety is of greatest concern while riding the school bus. Red Oak’s student handbook discusses in detail the bus expectations, discipline procedures, and information about student pick-up and drop-off. Please refer to pages six and seven of the student handbook. In the even that a student’s behavior is unsafe or problematic a violation report will be filled out.
    The school district’s discipline procedure is as follows:
    1. First violation - Palmer Bus Services notifies the principal (or designee) and a conference with the student is held; bus safety violation report is completed; copy of violation report is sent to the parent. This is a "warning‟.
    2. Second violation – Student conference with principal (or designee); loss of riding privileges for up to three days; phone call and copy of violation report to parents. Note: Students who lose bus privileges are not excused from school; parents are responsible for their child‟s transportation to and from school.
    3. Third violation - Same as “a” and “b” except that removal from the bus may be up to two weeks. A behavior improvement contract may be developed at this time.
    4. Fourth violation - Parents will be responsible for their child's transportation to and from school for the remainder of the school year.
    5. Severe behavior - In case of behavior that puts the student or other students in extreme danger, the principal (or designee) may choose to skip one or more of the above steps.

    Feel free to contact me with any questions you may have about the bussing procedures and policies. I am here to make this a successful school year for all students.