PACE Literacy Program

  • The PACE (Parent, Adult, Child, and Education) Literacy Program is a unique opportunity that combines:
             ◆ Adult Basic English language learning
             ◆ Parent education and support
             ◆ Early Education for children birth through four years of age
             ◆ Parent and child interaction in developmental learning environment
             ◆ Transportation may be provided for families who do not have any transportation. Space is limited.
             ◆ Lunch is provided for children.
    All families need to qualify for this program based on the following admission requirements:
             ◆ Parent qualifies for beginning English language education by taking a CASAS test.
             ◆ Children are between the ages of birth - 4 years of age and their primary language is not English.
             ◆ Family qualifies for free and/or reduced school lunch program.
    Contact Julie Sharpe at 952.496.5035 or
    Class days: M-TH
    Time of class: 12:30-3:30 pm
    Location: Central Family Center 2nd floor 
    Class schedule follows school district calendar.