Early Childhood Screening Overview

  • It is a state mandate that parents who would like to enroll their child in kindergarten must have their child complete the Early Childhood Screening unless parents have provided written documentation that they are conscientious objectors to screening. Families are encouraged to have their child screened between the ages of 3 and 4. Interpreters are provided, free of charge, for families with home languages other than English.

    Screening determines if a child’s development is on track and provides families with information on community and learning resources for children. Trained professionals evaluate a child’s development in language, motor and problem-solving skills. Information is gathered about a child’s social and emotional development as well as health history. The child’s vision and hearing are also checked by our school nurse.
    If a need is shown in one or more areas, referrals to community resources for further evaluation are made. These evaluation screening appointments will be available throughout the year.


  • Early Childhood Screenings typically take place on Tuesdays (12:15pm-5:30pm) and Thursdays (8:30am-3:30pm). Appointments last approximately 45-60 mins. All in-person screenings take place at Pearson Early Learning Center, 917 Dakota St South, Shakopee.  
    Once you select an appointment, you will be contacted via email for further information regarding your child, then mailed out a packet of forms.  Please complete all forms and bring on screening day - this will save you time during the screening appointment.