Seventh Grade Test Practice

    Math Practice
    Minnesota Test Prep Workbook for Grade 7 - This excellent source of test prep strategies and sample math tests was prepared by the book publishing company of Holt, Rhinehart, & Winston.
    Review of the Standards (find Mathematics Frameworks, click grade 7, and click on specific benchmark to review)  There are tabs for common misconceptions, resources, and practice problems.
    7th Grade Math Practice - Skills are organized into categories within the IXL Website.  You can move your mouse over any skill name to view a sample question. Track your score, and the questions will automatically increase in difficulty as you improve! 
    Math Interactives:  Multimedia resource includes interactive math activities, print activities, learning strategies, and videos that illustrate how math is used in everyday life
    7th Grade Math - Quick multiple choice quizzes.  It will email your results to you. 
    That Quiz:  Interactive general math practice
    Reading Practice
    MCA Reading Test Sampler  This sample test provides students with MCA type questions for grade 7 Reading.
    Word Central - A website that builds your vocabulary through daily buzzwords and vocabulary games
    It's Greek to Me - A fun, interactive, vocabulary-building game that improves knowledge of Greek root words