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    New to Shakopee East Middle School:
    We have made the transition to using Minnesota Career Information System (MCIS) this year. Students will be utilizing the MCIS Jr. tool throughout their time in middle school to build a personal portfolio that helps develop self-awareness as it relates to their learning styles, interest areas, career ideas, among many others. It is also a great resource for researching careers and learning more about their potential growth for the future, as well as their current salary/wages. The counselors will be going into classrooms throughout the year to introduce students to the various resources MCIS Jr. has to offer.

    How to log in to MCIS Jr.:

    When students get to the login page, they must click the button that says "Log in with Clever". Students can log in to MCIS Jr. through the Clever portal by using the same Username and Password that they use for their other district logins.

    After you click "Log in with Clever" it will ask you to "Find Your School". Write in "Shakopee" and scroll down to select "East Middle School". After your school is selected, click on "Log in with LDAP-Computer Username and Password" and then enter your login information.

    Follow this link to get to the MCIS, Jr. homepage ------> Minnesota Career Information System (MCIS) Jr. Login Page

    MCIS login