Schedule an Early Childhood Screening

    Free, in-person screening appointments are avaialble at Pearson Early Learning Center (917 Dakota St S) for any familes with children between the ages of 3-5.  For all in-person appointments, we request that only one parent/guardian come with the child (no siblings please). All attendees must follow current health and safety guidelines. 
    A packet of forms will be sent prior to your screening and must be brought back on your appointment day, completed, including a copy of your child's immunizations. 
    On screening day, please arrive only 5 minutes before your appointment, press the buzzer in our vestubule and you will be greeted at the door and taken to your screening appointment.  Please contact Elaine Berens at or call 952-496-5861 for more information or to schedule via phone. 

Virtual Screening Option

  • Virtual screening appointments are also available.  The virtual screening will take place via Google Meet & the meeting link will be sent the day of your screening. 
    A packet of forms, including a parent-reported questionnaire, will be mailed to you and ALL forms must be returned to our building prior to your virtual screening appointment.  If we do not receive the forms in advance, the screening will need to be rescheduled.  The completed forms can be returned to our secure drop box located in our vestibule at Pearson Early Learning Center , 917 Dakota St S, open 7:00am-5:30pm daily, or mailed back to us.  No person-to-person contact required.   Please indicate if a virtual screening is your preference during scheduling, otherwise it wil be assumed to be in-person