Online Screening Scheduler

    Upcoming Early Childhood Screening Appointments:
    With the announcement from the Governor in late July and in coordination with the school district, we are working on a plan to safely reopen early childhood screening.
    Incoming kindergartners will be our first priority.  We will be screening ALL kindergartners who have not yet been screened in their respective elementary buildings during regular school hours starting the week of Septemnber 14th.  During your Connect & Access appointments on Sept 8th and 9th, screening paperwork will be given to Kindergartnen parents to fill out and return to your school by Friday, September 11th.  This paperwork allows for the screening to take place in school. Without parent consent, the screening cannot take place and parents will need to find an alternative time to get this screening done outside school.   The screening itself will take about 10-15 minutes. In the meantime, make sure to submit your kindergarten enrollment paperwork to your school. While early childhood screening is a requirement of the State, due to the current circumstances, the inability to complete your child's screening prior to school will not impact their kindergarten enrollment. 
    For all non-kindergarten families, includiing Stepping Stones preschool families, we are hopeful to resume early childhood screening in October.  Again, this will not impact your enrollment in either the Stepping Stones Preschool or associated scholarship programs.  A schedule is currently in process.  Thank you for your continued patience during this unsettling time.
    When dates become available, please select a date and time that will work with your schedule and fill out ALL the information requested. If you have any questions, feel free to contact Elaine Berens at or 952.496.5861 to set up an appointment. Please note, we have moved to a new location at the Pearson Early Learning Center located at 917 Dakota St South.  Thank you.