Early Intervention (Birth to 3) Overview

  • The Shakopee Public Schools' Early Intervention team provides a full continuum of services for children aged from birth to 36 months. The Early Intervention program provides services to children in their natural learning environment (i.e. home, daycare, etc.).
    Our Mission:To proactively promote child growth and development, the Early Intervention team partners with families to build supportive and caring relationships by coaching and empowering families to foster child and family learning in their family routines.
    Early Intervention is... 
    • Services provided in the child’s and family’s natural environment.  The natural environment is where a child spends most of their time, such as their home, daycare, grandparent’s house, etc.
    • Provided year-round.
    Early Intervention Team
    The Early Intervention team may include:
    • Early Intervention Teachers 
    • Speech/Language Pathologists (SLP)
    • Occupational Therapist (OT)
    • Physical Therapist (PT)
    • School Psychologist
    • School Social Worker
    • School Nurse
    • Teacher of the Deaf/Hard of Hearing (DHH)
    • School Audiologist
    • Teacher of the Visually Impaired (VI)

Concerns & Referrals

  • As you watch your child grow, you may become concerned about your child’s development. While all young children grow and change at their own rate, sometimes you may have concerns that your child is developing differently than other children the same age.   Shakopee Early Intervention has a team to support families and children from birth to 36 months.  Please contact us if you have concerns about your child's development.

    There are several ways to make a referral if you have concerns about your child's development.

    Click here to access Help Me Grow.

    Electronic referrals are confidential and are automatically sent to the school district. Help Me Grow can also be contacted by phone: 866-693-4769.

    Other Methods for Referral

    When making a referral, please include your child's name, date of birth, and a description of your concern. Once a referral is made to the local early intervention program, the family will be contacted to arrange for a screening or evaluation to determine if your child is eligible for infant and toddler intervention or preschool special education services.