Shakopee High School Calendar

How to Download Your Personalized Calendar

  • Add school calendars with a couple clicks!

    STEP ONE: Create personalized calendar.

    • On this page, click on Customize Calendar View (left)
    • Click on the pen icon next to the word Calendars, and then the add/remove button
    • Choose your preferred school(s) from the list, click I’m Done

    STEP TWO: Generate personalized calendar link. You can choose the following: 

    • Export as a .ics file (click on Export icon to the left)
    • If you have Outlook, we recommend that you add the calendar to Outlook. If it is connected to your phone or any other device it will automatically upload and update your customized calendar. If you follow the iOS instructions for an iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch, it will only populate on that device.
    • You may need to turn your cell phone horizontal to complete the directions.

    PRINT A CALENDAR: First complete STEP ONE above. Then choose the printer icon to the left of My Events. The calendar can only be printed month-by-month. You will need to toggle between months to print them individually. 

    Questions? Need help? Call your child's school office for assistance.

    Shakopee Teachers using Outlook on a Mac: 

    1. Follow the directions for STEP ONE above.
    2. Click on iCal then copy your personalized calendar link.
    3. Login to Office 365 (web version of Outlook) using your computer login.
    4. Switch from mail to calendar by clicking on the calendar icon in the lower left corner.
    5. Click on Add Calendar in the menu above your calendar.
    6. Click on From Internet
    7. Paste the iCal link from #2 then name your calendar.
    8. Your personalized calendar will appear on the left calendar toolbar under Other Calendars.