Shakopee CAPS Program

    The Shakopee CAPS Program began in the fall of 2015 with the mission to help students gain professional skills and explore their possible career interests, all while immersed in the world of work. The CAPS Program is an elective program for juniors and seniors that immerses students into authentic career experiences with the help of local business partners. 
    CAPS Healthcare
    Shakopee CAPS requires students to be active, independent learners and fosters empowerment, self-discovery, collaboration and critical thinking skills. Students will engage in a variety of opportunities including real problem and project-based learning, tours, and job shadowing experiences. Through guided mentoring, students will be immersed in the professional environment through an internship experience that encompasses their personal interests.
    Currently, Shakopee CAPS has four programs:

    Each program consists of students attending class for the first 2 blocks of the school day off-site at our partner locations and then students will apply and interview for an internship that will be located in or near Shakopee. 


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