2023/24 Class Registration Information

  • High School registration for the 2023/24 school year will start on Tuesday, February 14, 2023 and go through Friday, February 24, 2023. All courses must have been entered by students into Infinite Campus by February 24 at 3pm. Any materials that were shared with students in school can be found below.  Please reach out to your academy counselor if you have any questions or concerns about registration.


    Registration For Classes and Schedule Corrections

    Students register for courses for the upcoming school year shortly after winter break.  Classes are designed and scheduled, and teachers are hired based upon students’ registration.  The criteria listed below are used to review any course request corrections in the spring and applied to any schedule corrections in the fall.

    Schedule Change Policy: 

    Schedule corrections will only be considered for the following reasons:

    • ·         The student did not meet the prerequisite for the course.
    • ·         The student has already completed the course.
    • ·         The academic level of the course is inappropriate.
    • ·         The student is a senior who needs the course for graduation.

     Schedule corrections WILL NOT be considered for any of the following reasons:

    • ·         Student no longer wants to take a course that was picked during registration.
    • ·         Student wants to move a course to a different hour.
    • ·         Student wants a different teacher.
    • ·         Student wants a different lunch period.

    In order to stay on track for graduation, all students are required to maintain 4 academic classes each quarter. 

    • Senior option will be available for students that meet the necessary criteria (Senior Option Information & Form)
    • Teacher aide and office aide (Student Aide Form)
    • Any schedule corrections must occur in the first 5 days of each quarter.  
    • If a course is dropped after 10 days, it will result in an F on the student’s transcript.

    Students who have not yet met all graduation requirements are required to have a full schedule including at least three full credit-bearing academic courses found in the registration guide. Students are limited to no more than one course (e.g., senior study hall, teacher aide, office aide) per term found outside of the registration guide. Through principal approval, a student can appeal to take a second course (e.g., senior study hall, teacher aide, office aide) outside of the registration guide within a term.

2023/24 Registration Overview Video

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