Digital Design Program

  • Shutterfly
    Shakopee CAPS Digital Design is ideal for students who are interested in developing professional and technical skills required to forge forward in exploring areas of graphic design, web design and digital photography. This program will educate students in design methods, theory and creative problem solving utilized in the industry today. Students will learn how to create visual concepts and how those concepts communicate, are perceived and are interpreted.
    Students will be fully immersed at our leading business partner, Shutterfly, where they will create a wide array of digital assets in the profession-based learning environment. This will provide opportunities to collaborate, in teams and individually, with mentors and business clients on real digitally produced media projects. This program will be led by a creative educator, and supported by diverse professionals visiting the classroom as guest lecturers and mentors. By networking with mentors and business partners, students will deliver real products to their clients, create a professional portfolio that illustrates their creative talent and explore career opportunities in the area of digital art profession.