Full Day Fours

  • Full Day Fours is an everyday/all day preschool program for four year olds. 

    To Register for Full Day Fours, visit the Welcome Center at the District Office (1200 Town Square). Call 952.496.5862 with any registration questions.


    Full Day Fours Class Schedule

    9:05: Drop Off & Welcome to School
    9:15: Morning Meeting, Calendar, Weather
    9:35: Small Group Instruction Time
    9:45: Centers & Snack Time (Snack Provided)
    10:35: Clean Up & Regroup
    11:00: Recess
    11:30: Lunch (Hot lunch through food service is included in tuition). Home lunch can also be brought
    12:10: Calming Activities & Story
    12:30: Rest & Quiet Activities (quiet reading, coloring, stretching, resting)
    1:30: Journals & Enrichment (including STEAM lab/exploring nature/art/brain gym)
    1:55: Phonics & Group Games
    2:25: Gym
    2:55: Clean Up & Transition to Dismissal
    3:05: Dismisssal




Kids learning about gravity
Engineering on a light table
  • About Full Day Fours Curriculum

    The FD4's includes a balance of both STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering , Art and Math) and Early Childhood Workshop Model.  

    The Early Childhood Workshop Model (ECW) is a standards-based framework for learning. This model will prepare children for the Reader’s and Writer’s Workshop Model they will experience in elementary school. 

    The STEM based learning practice includes hands-on, individualized learning.  STEM is embedded into daily life, and advanced through teachers who create intentional learning environments and experiences.