Full Day Fours Sample Schedule

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  • Full Day Fours is an everyday/all day preschool program for four-year olds. The program includes a balance of both STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering , Art and Math) and Early Childhood Workshop Model (ECW).  The ECW is a standards-based framework for learning that will prepare children for the Reader’s and Writer’s Workshop Model they will experience in elementary school. 

    The STEAM-based learning practice includes hands-on, individualized learning.  STEAM is embedded into daily life, and advanced through teachers who create intentional learning environments and experiences.

Sample Schedule

  • Full Day Fours Class Schedule

    9:00: Drop Off & Welcome to School
    9:15: Morning Meeting, Calendar, Weather
    9:35: Small Group Instruction Time
    9:45: Centers & Snack Time (Snack Provided)
    10:35: Clean Up & Regroup
    11:00: Recess
    11:30: Lunch (Hot lunch available for purchase through district food service or a home lunch can also be brought)
    12:10: Calming Activities & Story
    12:30: Rest & Quiet Activities (quiet reading, coloring, stretching, resting)
    1:30: Journals & Enrichment
    1:55: Phonics & Group Games
    2:25: Gym
    2:55: Clean Up & Transition to Dismissal
    3:00: Dismissal