Program FAQ's

  • We've compiled a list of frequently asked questions.

    Q: What is the key difference between Shakopee CAPS and regular high school?
    A: Shakopee CAPS is a profession-based learning approach where students are fully immersed in the business community, treated as professionals and participate in real projects, using industry standard tools with real business partners. Students will gain broadly useful professional skills in the context of high demand/high skill careers (ex: nursing, physician, healthcare, digital art, manufacturing, etc.). Students will begin their professional network with business partners and mentors, therefore jump-starting their career all before they enter college.
    Q: Is Shakopee CAPS a trade school or vocational program?
    A: No. Shakopee CAPS provides students the opportunity to deeply explore professions of interest through a profession-based, inquiry-learning method. Local and global business partners participate with highly skilled instructors to provide authentic exposure and skill acquisition in high demand/high skill 21st century professions.
    Q: What type of credit is offered for Shakopee CAPS strands?
    A: High School elective credit and college credit is available.
    Q: What time and where will the classes be held?
    A: Students will attend Shakopee CAPS classes during block 1 and 2 (8:20 a.m. -11:00 a.m.) During first and second quarter, students will attend 5 days a week at their off-campus site. During third quarter, students will be at individual internship sites 4 days each week and 1 day together as a class at their off-campus site.

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    Q: What programs will be offered for the upcoming school year?
    • Creative Media
    • Healthcare and Medicine
    • Business Administration and Management

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    Q: How many credits?

    A: 6 Shakopee High School elective credits and 6 - 9 college credits through Normandale Community College, depending on program.  See the individual program guide for more information.
    Q: How much does it cost?
    A: There is no tuition for concurrently enrolled college credits. 
    Q: Is transportation provided?
    A: No. Student/family must provide transportation to and from sites.  Students may carpool with a parent or guardian permission.

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    Q: Where will I go for classes?
    • Creative Media | Shakopee Mdewakanton Sioux Community Marketing
    • Healthcare & Medicine | St. Francis Regional Medical Center, Shakopee, MN 
    • Business Administration and Management | Valleyfair and Shakopee Mdewakanton Sioux Community - Mystic Lake 

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