• INTERNSHIPS 2019-20

    We are currently looking for internship opportunities for all 3 of our programs.

    Dates: January 27th - March 20th, 2020 

    Time: 8:20-11:00 AM every Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri.

    Unpaid Internship - Earning post-secondary credits

    During the internship, students should have an overarching project that spans the entire experience in addition to daily tasks, job shadows, etc. 

    **Contact Zach Eidelbes at if you are interested in serving
    as a Business, Creative Media, or Healthcare Mentor for a CAPS student intern**
    The intent of the Shakopee CAPS program is to provide students with the opportunity to gain real world, hands-on work experience in professional work environments that relate to their academic and career interest and prepare them for future jobs. The program is also designed to give employers an opportunity to guide and evaluate future talent.
    One of the most powerful experiences for our students and business partners is the Student Internship. Our students have worked in businesses ranging from self-employed, small businesses to large Fortune 500 companies.  Through the CAPS internship program our students and business have benefitted in many ways, including:
    Student benefits:
    • Increase in professionalism and understanding of the world of work
    • Knowledge of industry specific environments
    • Networking relationships for future work opportunities
    • Unparalleled experiences that set our student apart for post-secondary and future work goals
     Business Mentor Benefits:
    • Build a pipeline of candidates, decreasing recruitment costs
    • Act as advocates in recruiting other high school and college students
    • Students offer new perspectives and innovative ideas
    • Leadership opportunities for current employees through student mentoring
    • Workplace invigoration through supporting student development and sharing of industry