COVID-19 Health & Safety Protocols

Latest Update

  • Issued August 24, 2021

    On August 23, 2021, a resolution was unanimously approved by the school board in relation to health and safety measures that will be implemented at the commencement of the 2021-2022 school year. 

    The below pdf provides a simplified explanation of the approved resolution. 

    Prior to the start of school, additional information will be shared to help answer questions on quarantine/isolation guidelines, testing availability, communication processes, seating charts/distancing and other related topics. 

    As noted in the below health & safety overview, face masks will be required starting September 1, for staff and students in early learning (ages 3-5) and grades K-6th. This includes Connect & Assess Days and 6th grade Open House (as part of the E/W Middle School Open Houses). Please see Scenario 2 in the overview for more details.   

    Face masks are recommended/strongly recommended (based on vaccine status) for students and staff in grades 7-12. In addition, the School Board resolution grants the Superintendent the authority to implement additional mitigation should there be a significant increase  in COVID-19 case rates.  

    Shakopee Public Schools has worked diligently to be measured, consistent and thoughtful in the response to the COVID-19 pandemic. The primary guiding principle since the start of the pandemic has been to maintain an appropriate balance between the health and safety of our students, staff and community AND providing the best learning opportunities possible for our students.

    The district has also been supported by the Scott County Department of Health and Shakopee Public Schools Health Services team, and has relied on input and constructive feedback from the Pandemic Response Advisory Team (PRAT). The members of the PRAT have invested much time and effort into becoming well informed on the many aspects of the COVID-19, and specifically its potential impact on school district services and activities. The PRAT consists of parents, students, teachers, staff, school board members and district leaders. 

    At all times, in all locations, for all ages, Shakopee Public Schools will employ the following health and safety mitigation recommendations from MDH and MDE:

    • Increased ventilation and air flow inside buildings
    • Cleaning and disinfecting of high touch surfaces
    • Greater emphasis on handwashing and hygiene
    • Greater emphasis on respiratory etiquette
    • Social distancing when practicable
    • Wearing face masks when riding on school buses as required by federal order

    Persons with symptoms of COVID-19, or persons infected by COVID-19  must follow health and safety rules and not be present in the school zone. 

    Thank you for your continued commitment to our students, families and district. Together, we will make the 2021/22 school year a success!

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Scott County Case Rates

  • Below is the 14-day rolling average of COVID-19 cases per 10,000 for Scott County that is updated daily, during school days, from public State resources. 

    Calculating the 14-day Rolling Average for Scott County

     The 14-day rolling average is calculated in the following way:

    • Add the newly reported confirmed cases from each day for the past 14 days in Scott  County.
          • Newly reported confirmed cases
    • Divide the total (14 days of newly confirmed cases) by the population for Scott County (149,013)
    • Multiply by 10,000
    • Scott County example for 14 day time period beginning on Wednesday, August 18 and ending on Tuesday, August 31 :
      • 390/149,013 = 0.00261722
      • 0.00261722 x 10,000 = 26.1722

Scott County Current COVID-19 Cases

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  • Note: Daily case rates are reported by the State here. Note these figures are daily case rates then used to calculate the 14-day rolling average of cases per 10,000 for Scott County.