COVID-19 District Case Data

Current COVID-19 Case Data

Scott County COVID-19 Case Data

  • Since the start of the school year, the Pandemic Response Advisory Team, School Board and district leadership have been using COVID-19 data provided by the Minnesota Department of Health. The primary piece of data is a 14-day rolling average for COVID-19 cases per 10,000 for Scott County residents. Originally, the district relied on the MDH 14-day report shared on Thursdays. Unfortunately, this report has a significant time lag. On Thursday, when the report is shared by MDH the data is already 12 days old.

    To counter the time lag, the district has been recording the daily Scott County COVID-19 confirmed cases since the start of the school year. This data is reported by MDH every day for the cases reported the prior day. The district has then been creating a 14-day rolling average. This 14-day rolling average has only a one day time lag when created. In other words, this data is much more current than that being reported each Thursday by MDH. It is important to note, there is a slight drawback in using the more current data. The drawback is that due to the newness of the case date there hasn’t been  time for MDH to make adjustments to it. Typically, such adjustments are modest. After using both forms of the 14-day rolling average, the Pandemic Response Advisory Team, School Board, and district leadership are now using the more current data form of the  14-day rolling average of COVID-19 cases in Scott County.

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  • The Pandemic Response Advisory Team, which includes students, parents, teacher and other various district staff members, continues to meet every Tuesday (previously Thursdays) to provide input and constructive feedback to the superintendent and school board. Discussion topics regularly include state, county and district lab confirmed COVID-19 case numbers and our current learning model. 

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