What are the Academies of Shakopee?

  • A New High School Vision Begins. My Place. My Path. My Future.
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    In the fall of 2018, the expanded Shakopee High School will open after being nearly doubled in size. A new vision for Shakopee High School, the Academies of Shakopee, was created to ensure a welcoming, inclusive environment within a large high school setting and to improve student success in post-secondary programs and career. There will be six academies:  Arts & Communication, Business & Entrepreneurship, Engineering & Manufacturing, Health Science, Human Services, Science & Technology and a Freshman Academy. Shakopee school district staff and leadership will be working toward implementation of these academies for the fall of 2018.
    What are the Academies of Shakopee?
    The Academies of Shakopee are small learning communities of students and teachers who are organized around areas of interest. Students will have the opportunity to connect with others who have similar aspirations and with teachers who can make meaningful connections to their plans for the future. The Academies of Shakopee will be implemented in the fall of 2018 when the expanded high school opens. 

    Our Arts & Communication Academy will foster creativity, innovation and expression to ensure well-rounded individuals who can apply those skills in a number of fields. Career fields include the performing arts, visual art.

    Our Business & Entrepreneurship Academy
     will offer students industry relevant experiences that will allow students creative platforms to produce ideas and products that propel the growth of local, state, national, and the global economy. Career fields include marketing, sales, finance, hospitality & tourism, management, and entrepreneurship, design, communications, and publishing. 

    Our Engineering & Manufacturing Academy is a high tech, high skill, high demand area that will help students generate their own jobs and opportunities. Career fields include manufacturing, robotics, transportation, design, electronics, architecture, construction, and engineering.  

    Our Health Science Academy will provide students with the knowledge and skills to pursue this high demand industry. Health Science Health Science career fields include biomedical science, exercise science, health & wellness, nutrition, and healthcare fields.

    Our Human Services Academy will give students the ability to apply their course work across all academic disciplines. Human Services courses benefit both the community and students while encouraging students to look beyond themselves to serve others. Career fields include human development, psychology, education, legal fields, law enforcement and public services.Human Services

    Our Science & Technology Academy will promote students to be leaders in the construction and development of dynamic and ever-changing industries. The education will reflect the modern needs of our global society and prepare our students to successfully utilize skills that will contribute to the betterment of our community. Career Science fields include investigative science, mathematics, applied science & technology, computer science, and human & natural management.

    What is the Freshman Academy?
    Our Freshman Academy is for 9th grade students who will spend time discovering their own unique interests and then chose a home academy for their sophomore through senior year. The Freshman Academy will provide additional time to explore courses offered by the six academies.
    What is Ford Next Generation Learning (NGL)? What is their role in the Academies of Shakopee?

    Ford NGL is the philanthropic non-profit arm of Ford Motor Company, which has helped many districts over the past 20 years to Ford successfully transform their high schools. Ford NGL will help us learn from others’ experiences and give us access to many resources, including: seminars, workshops and staff development; a proven planning process; and professional development opportunities. We are joining a collaborative network of districts all seeking to make the delivery of high school education more relevant, impactful and successful. We are fortunate to have been selected to become one of their partners, and their support will be funded through our regular professional development budget.  

    The Academies of Shakopee: My Place. My Path. My Future.
    For more information, please email Shakopee High School Principal Jeff Pawlicki.