Title 1 Overview

  • Title I is a federally funded program that provides additional academic support for students performing below grade level in the areas of reading and math. Funding for this program is tied directly to socioeconomic indicators of school communities. Based on current district demographic information, Eagle Creek, Jackson, Red Oak, and Sweeney qualify for and participate in this program. Additionally, the non-public school, SACS, receives Title services through Shakopee Area Public Schools as outlined in federal requirements.
    Title I services supplement the district’s regular educational programming and is intended to provide services for students identified as needing assistance in meeting grade level standards.  Title I schools work to identify students who need additional educational support, set goals, and measure student progress.  Our programs in Shakopee utilize highly qualified staff who implement instructional strategies based on scientifically based research.
    The Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA) requires local school districts as recipients of ESEA Title funds to provide contact information to any individual who observes, detects, or suspects improper use of taxpayer funds. To report misuse of funds, please call 1-800-MIS-USED (1-800-647-8733).
    How are students identified for Title I?
    Although funding for Title I is related to the number of students who receive free or reduced price lunch, participation in the program has nothing to do with economic status.  Students are selected to receive Title I services based on a number of qualifying criteria, including standardized tests, district assessments, classroom assessments, and teacher recommendation.
    District Title I Parent Involvement Plan
    The Title I Parental Involvement Plan is designed to meet state and federal guidelines for parent involvement in Title I services.  Parents are notified by the classroom teacher when their child qualifies for Title I support.   Parents are encouraged to discuss their child’s strengths and needs with the Title I teacher.
    • Parent Notification Letter
    • Parent/Teacher/Student Compact
    • Parent's Right to Know 
    Concerned about misuse of ESEA funds:

Title I Staff

  • LT&E Supervisor
    (District Homeless & Fostering Connections Liaison)
     Nika Summer
     Monika Summer
    Office Assistant 
    Susan Solander  
      Susan Solander