2021/22 Elementary Program

  • Shakopee Online's Elementary programming (1st - 5th Grade) will consist of integrated educational units designed to incorporate all required Minnesota State Standards in Reading, Writing, Social Studies and Science.  Math will be taught as a stand alone subject focused on grade level content and standards.  The daily schedule will match that of the buildings and students will be expected to attend all live instruction daily.  Students can expect to spend the day engaging in their online learning experience, just as they would if they were in person learning.  Dependent upon enrollment, classes may be multiage with students from different grade levels learning together in one classroom. Special education services for those students with an active IEP will be incorporated into programming considerations when reviewing interest. English Learner services will be available as needed. 

    Specific program highlights include:

      • Daily LIVE instruction and interaction with a licensed Shakopee teacher
      • Virtual social opportunities
      • Assigned collaborative group times
      • A focus on the skills of analysis, synthesis and critical thinking 

    Please note:  Shakopee Online Elementary will offer high potential math curriculum to qualifying students in grades 4-5.  This will be the only high potential service provided for elementary online students. Specialist enrichment (art, media, physical education, music)  may be limited or may not be available.

elementary schedule