Saber Online FAQ

Saber Online FAQ
  • Saber Online offers an online learning opportunity to support today's learners. Learn more about the 2022/23 Program through the Frequently Asked Questions section below. 

    As educators, we are continually seeking new and exciting ways to use engage students in a online environment. The possibilities are endless as are the relationships built in the Saber Online Program.” - Saber Online Teacher


  • How is Saber Online different from Shakopee Online?

  • Is Saber Online accredited?

  • What happens if the Program is not approved by MDE in June 2022?

  • Can my student take some classes in person and some classes online?

  • Who provides instruction for Saber Online?

  • Are other support services provided to students and families??

  • What are the traits of a successful Saber Online student?

  • Will the district provide technology & support?

  • Will students be able to participate in other district activities?